Why Choose Us?

As a printing company would you print a business card full size on 8.5 X 11 card stock? I doubt it the proper size is 2.0 X 3.5 this enables your customer to present a card that is proper. Would you suggest to your customer that he only uses 9 X 12 envelopes to send his mail? The #10 is so much better.


What We Offer

Why would you pay a web hosting company in excess of $10,000 to devolpe a site for you that is only geared towards customers with large office computer screens, when there is a huge customer base that use different media screen sizes. Device friendly sites are the new standard and we can help guide you.



Our Team

Baltimore has many cookie cutter web design companies that will produce a site that looks like a template and promise you traffic and analytics and thier fantasic marketing skills. They have a huge staff which you will pay for in the long run.

When you are ready to move up to a printer friendly hosting team call us.


Featured Services

One thing that makes a difference when choosing a web design provider is ask yourself What does this company know about my business? Chances are they will know very little until they meet with you and promise you the world with the social media integration and Google analytics etc. Which in most cases are free tools.

Who We Are

Digital Print Hosting is a Maryland based web design company that is geared up to reach your mobile customers and many other web users. Unlike the big guys that exist here in Baltimore we offer shared and dedicated servers.


The site you pay for is probably on a shared hard drive with 50 other sites they host. Along with the Plumbers, Roofing and any place they can get a buck from.
Did you ever think what they do with all the data they collect on your web site?


Do they sell it or have a company they use it for to sell against you?
Digital Print Hosting believes your contacts are yours.

Recent News from DPH

Graphic Technical services inc.

A Maryland based printing repair company has lauched a new device friendly web site. The CEO was quoted as saying: No more Pinch and Zoom for our customers.

Digital Print Hosting adds server

Maryland based web company add server to better educate and help your business grow and make your web site Device Friendly.

Do your web site right

Mobile devices with WiFi and cell access to the Internet are everywhere these days. And if your Web page doesn't display well on them, you're losing customers.

We design for mobile devices like iPhones, other smartphones, cellphones, PDAs, and even palm-sized computers.